Diversity Includes Disability

We believe a diverse and inclusive learning community strengthens our entire university and enriches learning, scholarship, and the communities we serve.

In the spirit of that conviction, the Office for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion along with Disability Resources and Services has launched a “Diversity Includes Disability” poster campaign to spread awareness about the power of inclusion at Pitt.  Throughout the fall semester, new posters will be released featuring members of the Pitt community who have disabilities. 

There are a number of new initiatives happening at Pitt to ensure full inclusion for all members of our community. 

The University hired a digital accessibility coordinator this spring, and an Electronic and Information Technology Accessibility Policy is expected to pass through shared governance this fall, both of which are meant to help make Pitt’s digital ecosystem accessible to all. 

Additionally, Disability Resources and Services (DRS) initiated a peer mentor program for students with disabilities.  The program is designed to create connections between new and experienced students, to personalize the University learning experience and to develop relationships.

DRS introduced a new, unified online portal this fall which will streamline interactions between students, faculty and DRS.  The portal is a centralized location for students and faculty to manage approved accommodations.  Login to the portal at www.drs.pitt.edu for more information. 

Check out the posters from the campaign below!

Jessica Benham

Blair Douglass

Chaz Kellem

Shelby VanVliet

Saul Williamson