Alternative Format Text

Review how to request your alternative format text, check to see if your course material exists, and convert files into more accessible media with SensusAccess.

Alternative Testing Accommodation

Students may be approved for alternative testing accommodations.  Alternative testing accommodations can be applied to any quiz, exam, or final. All students wishing to utilize alternative testing accommodations are required to be registered with DRS.

Housing and Dining Accommodations

Access information and forms related to housing and/or dining accommodations.

Note Taking

Accommodations, software, and other alternative resources for note taking.

Service Animals and Emotional Support Animals

The University complies with federal statutes related to Service Animals and Emotional Support Animals on campus.

Communication Access (ASL Interpreting and Live Captioning)

Disability Resources and Services (DRS) coordinates ASL interpreting and live captioning (also known as CART) services for university departments and campus events. 

Agreements with Instructors

An Instructor Agreement is utilized in situations where a student is requesting flexibility beyond the outlined accommodation description and is only applicable to specific accommodations. I