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October 28, 2018

Dear University Community,

It is a struggle to articulate the depth of pain resulting from the Tree of Life tragedy.  The FBI reports that the murders, in a holy place, were motivated by hate and anti-Semitism.

As taught by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) through its “Pyramid of Hate,” acceptance of discriminatory attitudes and biases has a cumulative and devastating effect if left unchecked.  The Tree of Life tragedy demonstrates the truth in this teaching.  Learn more at

We offer our support and love to all of those directly affected by the murders, to our Jewish community, and our community at large.  We mourn for this staggering loss of life and the violation of the sacred. 

Beyond support for those affected, the Office of Diversity and Inclusion promises its steadfast commitment to continue to fight every day to eradicate bias, discrimination and hate.  We invite and welcome all members of the community to join us.  We are all in this together.  We must come together to combat the evil of discrimination in all forms.

For resources, please see the Pitt Cares webpage at


Pam Connelly


October 27, 2018 - Statement of Chancellor Gallagher

We are deeply saddened by this morning’s shocking tragedy at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Squirrel Hill. This senseless act of violence, in a place that many in our community call ho me, is a source of great pain and sorrow. These acts of hate and terror contradict every human value that we hold dear at the University of Pittsburgh, and we stand united with all of those impacted.




October 25, 2018

Dear University community:

In February 2017, the federal government announced changes to guidance from the U.S. Departments of Justice and Education under Title IX regarding transgender students accessing facilities that correspond with their gender identity.  In February 2018, it announced that it would not investigate complaints into bathroom practices filed by transgender individuals. Most recently, there have been reports that the government may seek to define gender in an artificial and discriminatory way.

These actions do not diminish our commitment to the rights of our transgender and non-binary community members. To the contrary, the University of Pittsburgh will be vigilant in maintaining and enforcing its policies, procedures and practices that expressly prohibit discrimination based on gender and gender identity. The University developed these policies and practices based on its core mission and values, with broad input from the community, and based on many forms of guidance.  Indeed, our commitment to a diverse and inclusive learning environment has never been stronger.   

A compilation of relevant resources, policies and procedures can be found here:   

If you have any questions regarding our policies and our practices in this area,  I encourage you to contact our office by calling 412-648-7860 or email at


Pamela W. Connelly
Vice Chancellor for Diversity and Inclusion


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