Diversity Statements

Anti-Racism Statement

The Office for Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion (OEDI) at the University of Pittsburgh affirms its commitment to recognizing, addressing, and eradicating all forms of racism and ethnic oppression. We commit to engaging stakeholders both within and outside of the University in an effort to advance collaborative service and scholarship that combats oppression and bias. The OEDI seeks to empower students, colleagues, and our community members toward the goal of ending racial and ethnic discrimination with focused attention on confronting anti-Black racism.

Land Acknowledgement Statement

The University of Pittsburgh System (Oakland, Greensburg, Bradford, Johnstown, Titusville) occupies the ancestral lands of the Seneca (Sen-uh-kuh) in Pittsburgh and Sharpsburg, Adena culture, Hopewell culture, and Monongahela (Muh-naang- guh-hee-luh) peoples who were later joined by refugees of other tribes (including the Delaware, Shawnee, Mingo, and Haudenosaunee tribes (Hoe-den-no-show- nee), who were all forced off their original land and displaced by European colonists. We acknowledge the most recent displacement of the Seneca near Warren County (between Bradford and Titusville campuses) in 1965 and native languages and cultures that have been severely damaged or lost due to forced removal and assimilation. We honor the original caretakers of this region and uplift their historic, unique, and enduring relationship with this land, which is their ancestral territory.