Campus Groups and Committees

The University of Pittsburgh has a variety of campus organizations, programs and committees that are working to impact the diversity and inclusiveness of our community. 

Prevention Initiatives

The new prevention office works to promote ongoing conversations with faculty, staff and students around issues of consent, bystander intervention, harassment and healthy relationships with the goal of eradicating sexual misconduct.

AAU Climate Survey

In 2015 and 2019, Pitt voluntarily participated in a national survey of student attitudes and experiences regarding sexual violence and harassment. The survey, called the Campus Climate Survey, was conducted by the Association of American Universities (AAU), and we were one of 27 member institutions that participated. Learn more about the results.

Higher Education Sexual Misconduct & Awareness Survey

Providing a safe place for everyone to work and study is our top priority at the University of Pittsburgh. Our first step toward reducing and eliminating sex- and gender-based violence is understanding where, and how, it’s occurring. In 2024, Pitt is one of 10 institutions participating in the HESMA survey.