Fostering equity, diversity, and cultivating inclusion are truly the work of each and every member of the University community.  It is imperative to the University's continued excellence that a diverse and inclusive educational and employment environment is created and maintained. To reach that goal, the University offers a variety of workshops, educational opportunities and sessions focused on specific needs, including in-person interactive workshops as well as online courses.

Diversity and Inclusion Certificate Program

The Office for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion is excited to announce with support from the Office of Human Resources Organizational Development Department, we have developed a Diversity and Inclusion Certificate Program (“DICP” or the “Program”) for all University employees.  The Program is designed to provide employees with the knowledge and skills to help the University reach the diversity and inclusion goals.

Institutional Equity Workshops

The Office for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion offers and/or coordinates educational sessions and training for students, staff and faculty in a variety of settings, including both in-person and online programs.  Courses include: Anti-harassment, Fostering Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace - A Supervisor's Rule, Micro-aggressions, Different Like You, Recruiting for Excellence and Diversity, Title IX, Responsible Employee, Respect my Generation.

Title IX Training

Educating faculty, staff and students on identifying, preventing, responding to, and reporting sexual misconduct is critical in order to prevent and to reduce the impact of sexual violence. Learn about the many educational opportunities.

Accessibility Education

To assist staff, faculty, and students in meeting the responsibilities described in the EIT Accessibility Policy and Procedure, the university will make training and support readily available.

Online Trainings

The University strives to maintain an educational and employment that is free from unlawful discrimination or harassment.  To reach that goal, faculty and staff are required to complete several online educational courses.

Faculty Recruitment

Embarking on the recruitment of a new faculty member is an exciting and important opportunity.  Here you'll find important information about faculty searches as well as answers to FAQs.