Global Accessibility Awareness Day

It started with a blog post by a California-based web developer in 2011. Since 2012, institutions and technology companies around the world have marked Global Accessibility Awareness Day on the third Thursday of each May.

This year, Global Accessibility Awareness Day — or GAAD for short — is being celebrated on May 16, 2024.

GAAD draws attention to the need to make sure digital assets, including websites, video, audio, and social media, are accessible to everyone, including people with limited vision, hearing, or mobility.

As the Internet becomes ever more important to education, information, data collection, health care, employment, and collaboration, the need for inclusion of everyone becomes more apparent.

GAAD is a global day to shine a light on efforts to ensure that all users — including those living with disabilities — are able to obtain the same successful outcomes using web-based services as those without impairments. The University of Pittsburgh is committed to ensuring equal access by making its websites and all other electronic and information technology accessible to all users.

Ways to celebrate GAAD

Find more tools and resources

GAAD’s website offers links to training, tools, and cross-platform apps to help you evaluate your current social media and web presence, and update them to make them more accessible.

Accessibility Awareness from University of Pittsburgh on Vimeo.