Hispanic Latino Professional Association

Hispanic Latino Professional Association

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HLPA is a professional network for Hispanic Latino/a faculty, staff and allies at the University of Pittsburgh. As we continually work to serve as a resource for our community members, HLPA is committed to advancing three primary goals.

  1. Build Community

    • Provide a forum for understanding issues of concern to our Hispanic/Latinx community where faculty and staff from across the different schools, centers, institutes and campuses can come together, connect with peers, and develop meaningful relationships with colleagues across the University.

    • Build networks with other formal organizations and groups whose mission is also to help Hispanic and Latino faculty and staff feel welcomed and included in the life of our University.

  2. Advance Professional Development

    • Provide platforms to explore current local and world events and its effects on our community’s professional life.

    • Host conversations and training to advance professional skillsets of our community members.

  3. Mentorship

    • Assist in Pitt’s recruitment and retention of Hispanic/Latinx students, faculty and staff.

    • Rely on the expertise of our community members and alumni to provide opportunities to undergraduate and graduate students to seek out and connect with prospective professional mentors across campus.

    • Connect senior leaders, seasoned professionals and experts across campus with recent hires and younger professionals seeking workplace mentorship and/or advice.

Board Members

Ariel C. Armony (Executive Sponsor), ARMONY@pitt.edu

Doreen Hernandez (Chair-Staff), EDOREEN@pitt.edu

Belkys Torres (Chair-Faculty), BTORRES@pitt.edu