Make a Report

Pitt is committed to maintaining an environment free from unlawful harassment and discrimination, and your reports of bias incidents enable the University to assess the campus climate and promptly respond to incidents. Bias incidents are actions committed against a person or group that are motivated, in whole or in part, by bias against the person’s or group’s protected-class status, whether actual or perceived—as outlined in our Policies, Procedures and Practices.

We encourage you to report bias incidents affecting University community members. Examples of bias incidents include, but are not limited to:

  • Harassment and/or discrimination
  • Hate crimes
  • Accessibility barriers, including digital/technology barriers
  • Sexual misconduct (sexual harassment, stalking, relationship/sexual violence)
  • Retaliation

If you have questions regarding reporting bias incidents, please contact the Office of Civil Rights & Title IX.

Report Form

Experienced, witnessed, or have information about a bias incident at the University? Report a bias incident which may have occurred at the University and/or involved a University community member. Reports may be submitted anonymously.

What to Expect When Reporting

Need to report a bias incident or have questions about what happens after a report is received? Better understand what to expect when a report is submitted and how the Office of Civil Rights & Title IX responds to such reports.

Anonymous Reporting, Confidentiality, and Retaliation

Have concerns about making a bias incident report? Understand options for reporting bias incidents at the University and ways reported information is protected.

Responsible Employee Program and Reporting

Responsible Employees at the University are required to report bias incidents related to sexual misconduct. Learn more about the Responsible Employee Program and view resources and expectations for Responsible Employees regarding reporting.