Diversity Forum 2024

Save the date! the 2024 Diversity Forum will be held Jan. 22-26.

This year, we are collaborating with the Division of Student Affairs to make the Diversity Forum part of MLK Social Justice Week.

Our theme this year is “Amplifying Our Voices Through Active Listening and Constructive Dialogue.” It builds on 2023-24 being designated “The Year of Discourse and Dialogue” at the University of Pittsburgh.

We’ll be exploring what active listening and constructive dialogue look like on a university campus at a time of extreme social media and political polarization.


The schedule includes:

Tuesday, Jan. 23
Keynote speaker (virtual)

Wednesday, Jan. 24
Featured speaker (virtual)
Workshops (virtual)
Keti Koti (hybrid)

Thursday, Jan. 25
Social Justice Symposium (in-person)

Friday, Jan. 26
Just Community/Upside Award Luncheon (hybrid)

Planning Committee

The Diversity Forum Planning Committee meets at 1 p.m. Mondays. Sub-committees will meet at alternative times that fit the scheduling needs of their members.

If you are interested in joining our planning committee as part of one of the sub-committees listed below, please reach out to Chance M. Wideman, director of Equity & Inclusion Programs, at chw246@pitt.edu.

Accessibility and Tech: Determine Forum engagement platform, accessibility, and associated tech (virtual poster sessions and debrief rooms). Angie Bedford-Jack, abedfordjack@pitt.edu

Budget and Finance: Tracking financial needs for each sub-committee, centralized location to submit spending, ensures we stay on budget. LaShon Jackson, laj44@pitt.edu

Featured Programs and Participation: Determine topic areas and participants for featured presenters and keynote speakers. Cheryl Ruffin, cruffin@pitt.edu

Marketing and Outreach: Determine marketing, outreach, and coverage strategies. Jay Togyer, jtogyer@pitt.edu

Sessions and Evaluations: Determine workshop tracks, proposal criteria, and evaluations. Lisa Upsher, liu7@pitt.edu