Institutional Equity Workshops

We can customize training for a variety of audiences and needs, including graduate student training, sexual harassment training for faculty and staff, and a number of other options.  Please complete the workshop request form.

Different Like You!

Workforce diversity in the 21st century focuses less on what group a person is identified with and more on the unique diversity of each person as an individual. This workshop is an overview intended to help participants increase their awareness of diversity issues and to gain a better understanding of acceptance and appreciation of the differences between us. Participants will learn to identify and examine one’s own stereotypes and prejudices and how these may guide behaviors and responses. Learn how recognizing barriers to accepting diversity can help to remove them and create an environment for academic and workplace success. Participants will identify at least one way to promote respect and dignity for others.  Register for the Different Like You session.

Fostering a Diverse and Inclusive Environment: The WHY and HOW

When we talk about Diversity and inclusion, diversity is the more familiar topic. The discussion must go beyond seeking and building a diverse workforce to include how we make those whom we work with feel both valued and included. Workshop participants will discuss the differences between diversity, inclusion, and exclusion. They will also leave this workshop with a heightened awareness of the importance of inclusion to a successful workplace and, how to promote inclusion in their workplace. This training is part of the DICP Program; register for the Fostering a Diverse and Inclusive Environment session.

Fostering Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace: A Supervisor's Role 

Note: This workshop is available via video conference to Pitt’s branch campuses. Specific room details sent via email prior to workshop date.

Who Should Attend: Individuals who directly manage or supervise the work of other staff members.

The workshop is designed to help supervisors gain insight and learn the foundational concepts of diversity and how to foster an environment that makes employees feel valued and included. Participants will define and discuss terms such as diversity, micro-aggression, implicit bias and other relevant terms and through dialogue, videos, and exercises, will examine the ways they impact the workplace. Participants will discuss the benefits of diversity and inclusion in the workplace and review the additional resources and training opportunities available at the University. Register for the Fostering Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace: A Supervisor's Role training.

Is That Really Harassment? 

This workshop explores the negative consequences of harassment covering such topics as age, race, sexual orientation, political affiliation, pregnancy, ethnicity, sexual harassment, and much more. Participants will learn the definition of harassing behavior and the various types of harassment in the workplace through the use of personalized stories, legal and policy definitions, group activities, and discussion. Participants will also learn specific University policies and what to do if they are harassed. This workshop is available for presentation to individual departments by contacting the Office for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion at 412-648-7860.

Baby Boomers to Millennials: Respect and Productivity in the Workplace

For the first time, we have as many as five different generations working together in a single workplace. This workshop presents methods for bridging the gap between generations and shows participants how to avoid conflict and increase productivity in their generationally diverse workplaces. Workshop participants will learn about generational differences, generational similarities, how generational traits impact the workplace, and how good communication skills can develop a more respectful workplace. Register for the Baby Boomers to Millennials training.

Workplace Bullying

The workplace is a common site of interpersonal conflict. Some conflict is a natural outgrowth of interpersonal differences; other conflict is a result of repeated behavior meant to intimidate, degrade, or offend others. Workplace bullying creates feelings of defenselessness and robs individuals of their right to respect and dignity at work. This workshop will define bullying behavior, its causes and effects, and resources available to those who have experiences it. Register for the Workplace Bullying training.