What to Expect When Reporting

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Review a flowchart of the reporting process for students.

Before Reporting

Reporting bias incidents of harassment and discrimination—including incidents of sexual misconduct—is an individual decision. While the University encourages parties to report misconduct, we recognize that making a report may not be the right decision for everyone. Beyond direct reporting, various options for reporting are available for parties to consider regarding Anonymous Reporting, Confidentiality, and Retaliation.

The Office of Civil Rights and Title IX can talk with any person affected by a bias incident about various reporting options. Meeting with a staff member from the Office of Civil Rights and Title IX does not mean you must file a formal complaint or report to another entity, including law enforcement agencies.

Required Reporting

While general reporting of bias incidents is not mandatory, as a part of our Responsible Employee Program, Responsible Employees are required to report disclosures of sexual misconduct having affected a University community member.

Make a Report

Reporting bias incidents can be made directly to the Office of Civil Rights through our online Report Form or via email to titleixcoordinator@pitt.edu. Reporting parties should provide information in the report form to the best of your knowledge; if completing the online Report Form, you do not need responses to all fields to submit a report. However, please be advised, without presented contact information in your report, we are unable to provide follow-up, and the University’s options for response may be limited.

After Reporting

 All reports will be reviewed by staff in the Office of Civil Rights &Title IX.  Once you have submitted a report, if you provided contact information, a staff member will follow-up with you and may provide referrals to support resources. Reports will be reviewed during University business hours—Monday-Friday, 8:30am – 5:00pm. Reports received after business hours will generally be reviewed during the next business day.

Because the University may have an obligation to address certain reports, we cannot guarantee complete confidentiality where it would conflict with the University’s obligation to investigate meaningfully or, where warranted, take corrective action. Regardless of the situation, personal information will generally only be shared with individuals on a need-to-know basis, in compliance with University policy. In addition, retaliation for filing a bias incident report is strictly prohibited.

Meeting with Our Office

If you have made a bias incident report or have been identified as someone having experienced a bias incident, it is party’s description to participate in a meeting with our office. Our office will attempt to contact you to discuss your personal needs, make appropriate referrals to campus and community resources, and can discuss available interim measures, accommodations, and processes for resolution.