Sexual Violence Prevention Grants 2023-2024

The Office for Sexual Violence Prevention and Education (Prevention at Pitt) is pleased to share information about three sexual misconduct prevention programs available to student organizations during the 2023-2024 academic year.  These programs are designed to promote cultural change and prevent sexual misconduct on Pitt’s campus through inclusive dialogue, trauma informed education as well as empowerment-based self-defense tools.  Each program comes with a completion grant. All SORC recognized organizations can apply for one grant opportunity.

Circle Up! A Prevention Dialogue Series

Circle Up is a dialogue-based prevention initiative inspired by the “Conversation Circles” framework created at Stanford University. We know that sexual violence is nuanced, and our prevention initiatives need to address that nuance. 90% of incidents of sexual violence occur within a relationship where the perpetrator was someone the survivor knew and should have been able to trust. We also know that sex, sexuality, and sexual violence come with much stigma attached. In order to support survivors of sexual violence as well as prevent future incidents, we need to address that stigma, and we do that by having open dialogues about these topics.

We believe that by talking about complex issues, we can build connection, and that connection can create meaningful change on our campus and beyond.  Our aim for this circle is to: truly listen to one another and learn from each other. In doing so, we can build stronger relationships.

Each circle can accommodate up to 20 people. Groups larger than 20 people can be split into multiple circles to ensure a quality experience for all.

Student organizations who successfully complete the program will receive a $400 grant.  Organizations will receive a $150 grant after the first circle and an additional $250 after completing two circles ($400 total).  Grant money can be used to advance the organization’s mission. 

Note: Circles Up is facilitated on the 31st floor of the Cathedral each night.  All Circles run for 90 minutes and run from 6pm-7:30pm or 8pm-9:30pm.

SAFE Peer2Peer Education

The SAFE program is composed of undergraduate peer educators who lead interactive workshops around campus on topics regarding sexual assault, consent, healthy relationships, and sexuality.  20 organizations will be accepted to SAFE peer2peer grant program.  Participating organizations must commit to hosting two presentations over the course of the 2023- 2024 academic year.  After completing both presentations, the organization will be eligible for a $200 grant from the Division of Student Affairs, to be used for the advancement of the individual organization’s mission.

SETPoint: Empowerment Based Self-Defense Training 

SETPoint is an empowerment self-defense training program. SETpoint training will teach you how to:

  • Pick up and react to clues in your environment;
  • Recognize healthy and unhealthy behaviors in relationships;
  • Set your own boundaries and respect the boundaries that others set;
  • Maximize your body’s inherent strengths, including your senses and your intuition;
  • Practice punches, kicks, and other self-defense moves at a physical level appropriate for your body;
  • Be an active bystander to help others in need.

You’ll leave feeling strong, energized, and empowered!  This is a one-time, 2.5 hour training session that can accommodate up to 24 students and a minimum of 12 students.  Student organizations will need to secure appropriate space, the Prevention at Pitt team can help with this.  In addition to the participating in the training, organizations will receive a $150 grant to be used to support the mission of their organization.

SETpoint coaching is inclusive, trauma-informed, and survivor-centered. Lead coach Michele Montag is certified as an Empowerment Self-Defense instructor through the National Women's Martial Arts Federation.

Completion Requirements

Eligibility for each grant program will be considered upon completion of the application (linked below) and reviewed by the program coordinators. Organizations will only be eligible for the grant when all requirements associated with the grant programs are successfully completed. Requirements are outlined below for your reference.  Student organizations can only participate in one grant program each academic year. 

Program Requirements

Organizations must commit to hosting two SAFE programs or Circle Up conversation circles, during the 2023-2024 academic year.  One program should be completed in the fall, the second in the spring.  Organizations that commit to hosting a SetPoint program must complete one entire session during the 2023-2024 academic year.

Attendance Requirements

80% of the organization’s members must be present at both sessions, or a minimum of 8 participants for smaller organizations (12 person minimum for SETpoint).

Survey Requirement

All participants in attendance must complete evaluation surveys before and after participation in all workshops.


If your organization is interested in applying to a sexual violence prevention grant program, please fill out the application.

These programs were developed to combat sexual misconduct at Pitt through the promotion of a safer, more respectful campus environment where all community members can actively participate and feel valued. 

More information

If you have any questions or concerns regarding any grant program, please feel free to reach out to us at or contact Dev Hayostek, Lead Prevention Educator, at, or Carrie Benson, director of prevention & education, at