Prevention and Survivor Support Mini Grants

Academic Year 2023-2024


The Sexual Violence Prevention and Education Office (Prevention Office) actively works to engage the Pitt community in awareness-building, education, and dialogue aimed at eradicating sexual violence.  This office also works to develop trauma-informed spaces for the survivors on our campus.  To support these efforts, the Prevention Office, with support from a SEED 2.0 grant, welcomes proposals from student organizations, staff, and Pitt Communities for the implementation of efforts to increase prevention initiatives on campus and broaden support for survivors of sexual violence.

The goals of the Mini Grant Program are:

  • To provide support to Pitt community members who are actively engaged in raising awareness around issues related to sexual misconduct.
  • To encourage targeted outreach to survivors/victims and other community members impacted by sexual misconduct.

Target Areas:

Proposals for initiatives and programs in one or more of the following target areas are encouraged:

  1. Create welcoming, inclusive, and safe spaces for survivors/victims of sexual misconduct
  2. Provide education targeted at reducing sexual misconduct on Pitt’s campus
  3. Encourage dialogue around healthy relationships, sexuality, and sexual agency
  4. Build awareness around issues related to sexual misconduct through advocacy, large-scale events, and/or art experiences

Grant Amount:

Mini grants serve as funds to enhance or develop an initiative or program to advance sexual violence prevention and/or response work on Pitt’s campus during the 2023-2024 academic year.  Grant proposals may request a maximum of $1,200.

Proposal Requirements:

  • University of Pittsburgh student organizations, Pitt Communities, faculty and staff are eligible to submit proposals. 
  • Proposals must be submitted electronically through the mini grant application.
  • Proposals must be submitted in their completed form (that is, with full information concerning all aspects of the initiative and/or program).
  • Commitment to providing a brief completion report after funds are dispersed.
  • Proposals must follow all University policies and procedures, including submission of the appropriate contracts or agreements (if relevant).

Proposal Evaluation Criteria:

Proposals will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • The proposed initiative’s expected effectiveness in addressing one or more of the 4 target areas.
  • The extent to which the proposed strategy shows that the proposer’s organization takes substantial ownership for and commitment to the initiative and/or program.

Award Requirements:

As a condition of receiving the funds, awardees are required to complete the Mini Grant Final Report, within three (2) months after the award has been disbursed.

Prevention and Survivor Support Mini Grant Application:

Applications open on August 10, 2023.  Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis each semester, with priority given to grants submitted before October 1, 2023 for fall grants and February 1, 2023 for spring grants. 

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