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The issue of sexual violence and misconduct on college campuses has rightfully been the subject of national dialogue in recent years, and we have been working hard to address the issue here at Pitt. Our ongoing mission is to maintain a campus environment that prioritizes the safety and well-being of all students. Sexual violence, harassment and misconduct have no place here.

2019 AAU Campus Climate Survey

For information and updates about the 2019 AAU Campus Climate Survey, please visit the links below.

2015 AAU Campus Climate Survey

In the spring of 2015, Pitt voluntarily participated in a national survey of student attitudes and experiences regarding sexual violence and harassment. The survey, called the Campus Climate Survey, was conducted by the Association of American Universities (AAU), and we were one of 27 member institutions that participated. We chose to participate because it is another tool to identify areas in which we can and should do better.  In 2016, AAU distributed a related survey which did not seek information from students on their experiences, but instead asked the participating universities whether they had made recent changes to their practices relating to sexual misconduct.  

The University participated in the 2016 survey, and highlighted a few of its recently initiatives to enhance our sexual misconduct education, prevention and response.

Significant University-wide actions since the 2015 AAU Campus Climate Survey include:

  • Adoption of a new Sexual Misconduct Policy and Procedure that includes a recurring training requirement for faculty and staff.
  • Increased Peer Education Programs focused on Consent and Healthy Relationships.
  • Redesigned New Student Orientation to provide improved prevention education.
  • Increased training to faculty and staff, through on-line and in-person sessions.
  • Education for graduate students to increase knowledge of resources and reporting options.
  • Worked closely with LGBTQ populations through office hours and programming.

Based on internal feedback in the form of evaluations, and on our experience interacting with participants in the internal sexual misconduct process, that the effectiveness of our education and training efforts for students, faculty and staff has increased.  We have also seen an increase in knowledge of resources available on campus, understanding of the reporting process, and the responsible employee role.  Because we will not be satisfied until sexual misconduct stops occurring in our community, we continue to strive for improved or new approached to affecting a culture change.  To that end, as with the results of the 2015 Survey, the University will engage with our community to discuss the report, its findings, and strategies for improvement.

2016 AAU Campus Activities Report »

2015 Campus Climate Survey: Pitt Report & Tables

The University, as part of its ongoing efforts to combat sexual misconduct, released its Report and Tables and is committed to using this survey as a tool to provide information that will be useful in developing and continuing to improve programs to address safety issues on campus.

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Additional information is available on the University of Pittsburgh Web site.

Campus Climate Survey: AAU Aggregate Report

The Campus Climate Survey was a national survey of student attitudes and experiences regarding sexual violence and harassment, conducted by the Association of American Universities (AAU) and involving 27 member institutions that voluntarily participated in this important endeavor and survey. To view the full results and aggregate tables of all participating universities, please visit the AAU Web site »