Component III: Hiring and Onboarding

Orientation and Onboarding

The orientation and onboarding of the new hire are crucial to the inclusive hiring process. Once a candidate has been selected and the formal search and selection process has concluded, the process of negotiating the orientation and onboarding is the first formal experiences with engagement the new hire has the University. Onboarding is an important way of demonstrating the University’s commitment to the diversity and promoting inclusive excellence.

OHR’s full cycle recruitment and retention model includes a phase titled Phase 5: Hire and Onboard. The model also references and provides a link to the useful tools and resources recommended for hiring and onboarding of new employees. OHR tools includes a checklist for hiring managers and resources that ensure workspace, computer, Pitt ID and access services are activated, and discussion of Pitt’s flexible work policy. In addition to collaborating with OHR to discuss and offer an equitable compensation and benefits package, the following onboarding steps are recommended to ensure consistency process for all new hires.

  • Communicate and collaborate with division and campus partners to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for new hire.
  • Ask for pronouns and preferred names for proper introduction.
  • Introduce new hire to all employee resource and affinity groups. This can be done over time.
  • Ensure onboarding materials and training content are accessible and usable.
  • Provide access to resources and technology tools.
  • Develop and provide a list on institutional acronyms.
  • Provide opportunities for new hire to navigate the landscape (campus tours, link to institutional policies, and introduction to key stakeholders).
  • Discuss professional development and mentoring and scholarship opportunities.
  • If new to the Pittsburgh area, provide a list of local resources external to the University that focus on community and specialized services.
  • Pre-schedule regular onboarding check-ins to identify and/or discuss any concerns or issues. Make appropriate referrals.

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