Strategies for Reducing Implicit Bias

Best Practices

  • Increase awareness about the prevalence of implicit bias by increasing your exposure to the research and patterns of biased behaviors to interrupt biased behaviors
  • Take Implicit Association Test on the Project Implicit® website
  • Participate in implicit bias workshops and/or trainings, such as Implicit Bias Trainings offered by OEDI
  • Engage in dialogue with co-workers to determine if patterns of implicit bias are present in your division and workspace
  • Strengthen your ability to differentiate between faces and unique characteristics which will decrease implicit bias
  • Practice interrupting your personal assumptions and take the perspective of someone different from yourself
  • Increase Intergroup Contact. Create authentic relationships with individuals different from yourself
  • Seek out opportunities for intentional interaction with individuals who possess equal status to share common goals
  • Standardize interview questions to ensure a core list of questions are asked to all candidates interviewing for a vacant position
  • Implement inclusive an equitable hiring practices within your institutions hiring process.

More information: "Reviewing Applicants: Research on Bias and Assumptions," (Women in Science & Engineering Leadership Institute, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2012)