Guidelines for Using Social Media in the Search and Selection Process

Although the internet and social media sources offer many opportunities to gain additional information about applicants, such sources must be used consistently and according to institutional policies. OHR and/or OEDI can provide additional information regarding institutional policies related to search and selection for these sources. If such sources are used, adhering to the following best practices in utilizing either source is recommended.

Best Practices

  • Resources should be used as late in the process as possible.
  • Such resources must be used consistently and equitable applied to all candidates at the same stage in the process.
  • Before seeking information from the internet, applicants must be informed of use.
  • Information regarding protected classification cannot be used for candidate evaluation under the University’s non-discrimination policies.
  • If information is discovered that has a negative impact on the candidate, contact OHR and OEDI to ensure the information can be verified by a primary source. Applicants should also be notified and given an opportunity to respond.
  • Avoid searching for information that is not related to the applicant’s ability to meet position criteria.
  • Document reason or need to use social media searches in the hiring process.