Apply for Services

To establish disability and request accommodations, auxiliary aids, and/or services, students must self-disclose their disability with Disability Resources and Services (DRS).  Students, not parents, are responsible for initiating contact and maintaining eligibility for DRS services.

DRS encourages you share any information that will help us to best support you. While we want you to be forthcoming, it is important to note that there are times when we must report certain disclosures to the appropriate campus department.

Application Process

To apply for accommodations or services for your disability, please follow the required steps below:

  1. Complete the Student Application
    • The Student Application is intended to allow students describe the impact of their disability/disabilities and request accommodations
    • Be sure to include your PeopleSoft number in the Student ID section
    • Your Pitt email address is required to complete the Student Application
  2. Upload documentation of your disability according to the Documentation Guidelines. DRS will review all formats of documentation submitted.
  3. You will receive an email indicating receipt of your student application and documentation.
  4. Your application will be assigned to a Disability Specialist who will review your student application and documentation. You will be contacted by your assigned Disability Specialist regarding the next steps in the process.
  5. You and your assigned Disability Specialist will engage in an interactive process to discuss accommodations during a New Intake appointment.