Diversity Forum 2021

Dismantling Oppressive Systems: Building Just Communities

July 26-29, 2021

The aim of the 2021 Diversity Forum, “Dismantling Oppressive Systems: Building Just Communities,” is to engage and equip participants with the knowledge, skills and resources to identify sources of systemic oppression, consider strategies for dismantling that oppression, and actions critical in fostering more equitable and just communities in which we live, work and learn.

Workshops will be held to examine the systemic, institutionalized nature of oppression, the manifestations of systemic power dynamics within higher education and broader social contexts, as well as the impacts of different forms of oppression on individuals, groups, and society. Participants will also discuss theories of racial/social identity development that can help in understanding oneself, others, and intergroup dynamics in the context of implementing social justice efforts. Topical institutional and societal challenges, and associated strategies for change will be explored.

There is no cost to participate, and all are welcome.

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Participant Outcomes

  • Understand how our socialization informs our biases and positions us to perpetuate structural inequalities.
  • Understand the barriers that inhibit us from expanding our diversity consciousness and fully embracing different cultures, perspectives, and people.
  • Recognize the breadth of competencies necessary to engage and advance multicultural communities.
  • Utilize an equity lens to analyze and revise policies and practices to foster equitable and just outcomes in our communities.
  • Build communities of dialogue and support in acting against systemic oppression.

Call For Virtual Poster Presentations

We welcome all members of the Pitt community, and community-at-large, to submit virtual poster presentation proposals for the 2021 Forum. Presentations should exhibit research, community-based efforts, and educational initiatives designed to address or eliminate inequities of any type in communities. Poster presentation videos will be submitted/recorded on FlipGrid (code to be sent after submission review) and will be available throughout the duration of the Forum. The proposal submission deadline is July 16, 2021.

Art of Diversity Showcase

In conjunction with the 2021 Diversity Forum, the University of Pittsburgh Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion and the Center for Creativity present the Art of Diversity Showcase. We invite all members of the Pitt and regional communities to submit creative work of any kind, from visual art to writing to performance.

Learn more about the Art of Diversity Showcase.