Student Resources for Remote Learning

As the academic landscape evolves, DRS is available to assist in ensuring you have equal access to the course content.  Your Disability Specialist can be contacted via email, phone, or by appointment.  If you would like to schedule an  appointment with your Disability Specialist, please contact our office at (412) 648-7890.

Flex@Pitt Studying and Exam-taking Tips

University of Pittsburgh Resources

Student Emergency Assistance Fund

Student Emergency Assistance Fund information and application

General University of Pittsburgh Updates

Updates for undergraduate students

Updates for graduate students, professional students, and postdocs

Student Health, Wellness, and Counseling Resources

University of Pittsburgh remote Student Health Services

University of Pittsburgh remote Counseling Center

University of Pittsburgh Counseling Center virtual workshops

Online Tutoring and Academic Support Services

University of Pittsburgh remote Study Lab

University of Pittsburgh Study Lab On Demand

University of Pittsburgh Writing Center online tutoring services

University of Pittsburgh Math Assistance Center

Online Computer Labs

University of Pittsburgh remote Chemistry tutoring

Student Tips for Remote Learning

Student strategies for remote learning

7 tips for success when taking online courses

Remote learning strategies for college students

Online students share time management tips

Additional Resources

Active Minds online webinars during Covid-19

Calm resources for mental and emotional wellness

RedShelf eBook access program

Jaws, ZoomText and Fusion free of charge through Freedom Scientific


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