Pitt Supports Survivors

Dear Survivor:

The month of April is a time when we reflect on your strength and honor you and your story. You matter.  Your journey matters.  The Pitt community stands with you, even when you may feel alone.  Below are messages that were written to you from community members across campus.

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Dr. Carla M. Panzella, Dean of Students 

As an ally, my heart goes out to survivors—your stories are important, and your voice is powerful. Please reach out to my office if I can assist in any way (deanofstudents@pitt.edu).  

As an ally, I’m also committed to building a safe and welcoming community where education about healthy relationships, sexual violence prevention, and bystander training are essential parts of a student’s Pitt experience.  

Anna Shaw, Staff Clinician at the University Counseling Center, They/Them

To all survivors: I love you. Your healing is so precious and sacred, even when it feels terribly messy and complicated. May you give yourself all the love, grace, patience, understanding and care that is within you.

Phoebe (She/They)

There is no right way to heal. You are brave and strong and resilient, and you can also be scared and tired and hurt. You are not alone. I believe you and I support you.

Dr. Randi Congleton (she/her), Assistant Vice Chancellor for Equity and Inclusion

I believe you! You are important and I stand with you.

Sarah Moore, Academic Advisor, she/her   

You are WORTHY! You are STRONG! You are LOVED!

Katie Pope, She/Her

Thank you for your courage in speaking out and speaking up. We are here for you.


As an ally and a survivor, I know firsthand that both of these roles come with unique challenges. It's not always easy being someone's support system, and it's definitely not easy having to ask someone for support. Survivors and allies are both strong in their own right, and both deserve healing and peace. I support all survivors, and I also support anyone who has been affected by sexual violence indirectly. Your suffering is valid and your strength is forever appreciated.

Meenu Ramasamy

Everyone deserves respect, love, and safety. It is NEVER your fault. You will always be worthy and know that there will always be a community that supports you.

Natalie Daw, SAFE Peer Educator, she/her

recovery is not linear or the same for everyone, there's no one way to react or act. Do what you feel will take care of your body and mind best. The more I've talked through my experiences the more at peace I've felt.

Michele Montag, Dietrich School Dean's Office

I believe you, and I support you in your journey to heal.

Carrie Benson (She/Her), Senior Manager of Prevention and Education

Everyone deserves safe relationships grounded in love and respect.  If you need support or resources, you can always reach out to me. 

Julia Vroman, survivor, she/her

Love should always be safe.

Lexie Elliott, Assistant Director of Fraternity and Sorority Life, She/Her/Hers

You are courageous. This is not your fault. I believe you and want to support you.

Jen (She/Her)

I believe you and it's not your fault. This shouldn't have happened to you and it takes a lot of courage to come forward. You're not alone and I'm here to listen and help in any way I can.

Jenny Huff, she/her, Disability Specialist

I see you. I hear you. I believe you. I am here for you.

Alexis Davis, she/her/hers, Program Coordinator FSL Office

No matter what anyone says to you, know that it is not your fault.


We believe you. It is not your fault. You are not alone. We are here for you, in whatever capacity you need.

Angie Bedford-Jack, She/Her, Director of Digital Equity and Special Projects

I will always stand with survivors because you deserve so much more than to just survive.

Chad Jurica, Ed.D., Disability Specialist, He, Him, His

I SEE you. I BELIEVE you. It’s NOT your fault. I stand with survivors because no one should ever stand or feel alone. I am committed to raising awareness on this issue – please know I am here for you.

Joshua Summers, SAFE Peer Educator, he/him

Going through something traumatic can be extremely stressful, disheartening, and disorienting. Having allies and a community of people ready to uplift one another adds light to the world of people who need it most.

Yifan Xiang, Pitt undergrad student, She/her

I understand your story and the journey of how you survive. I am so thankful and admire that you are a survivor that inspires and empower me to fight for the cultural transformation because everybody in this world deserves a better one.

Jen Thompson, Disability Specialist, she/her/hers

The forces that are for you are greater than the forces against you

Julia Vroman, survivor, she/her

Do not let your bad experiences define you, allow yourself to grow from them and flourish.