Climate/Inclusion Initiatives

Immediate Actions

  • Mural to be commissioned by Public Art Committee by Black artist on theme of resisting/fighting racism.

  • Once-per-semester Provost memo reminding faculty of policy that faculty should accommodate students’ request to miss class for religious holidays will include accommodation for exercise of right to protest, and sensitivity to racial/ethnic/gender hate incidents worldwide.

  • Ensure that students, faculty, and staff are aware of bias incident reporting and what happens when a report is received. Commit to publishing statistics on bias incident reports and resolutions.

Medium to Long-Term Commitments

  • Commission collection of depictions/paintings of Black martyrs/victims of racial violence (on model of Holocaust survivor photos displayed on Cathedral of Learning walkways last fall).

  • We will add an anti-racism training module to anti-sexual harassment training for all employees.

  • We will examine our history to ensure we are not celebrating through our building names, monuments, or other displays any figure that has been a perpetrator of injustice.

Climate Survey Data Dashboard

Drop-down filters are available on each dashboard that allow users to view data for a specific subgroup of interest. To filter the data, select the down arrow to see the available filter options and select the subgroup of interest. Select “Revert” at the bottom of the screen to remove the current filters and to go back to the full data set. Users can “hover” their mouse over visualizations to see additional context and values that are not shown. Note that tables with values are available for each visualization. Additional visualizations/tables are available by clicking the labeled tabs at the top of the dashboard.

To protect the privacy of individuals, we have suppressed subgroups smaller than 5.