The Art of Diversity Showcase and Competition

The arts are more crucial than ever during times of crisis as they provide a cathartic and thought-provoking outlet for self-expression. All members of the Pitt and regional community are invited to submit creative works of any kind, relevant to aspects of their cultural identity, sociocultural topics, or social justice issues for entry in the Art of Diversity Showcase.  In need of some inspiration?  Check out these PittPrompts from the Center for Creativity.

Creative works will be displayed on the Showcase gallery and University web and social media channels (with attribution to the artists).  All works are eligible for award distinctions and awardees will be announced at the 2020 Diversity Forum (Wednesday, July 29).

Showcase guidelines

  • Open to all creative mediums including but not limited to: visual art, music, dance, writing

  • Performative work must not exceed 5 minutes

Various art forms, including writing, graffiti, music, and dance

Acceptable submission formats include:

  • Images – .png and .jpg.

  • Documents – .doc and .pdf.

  • Audio – .mp3 and .mp4.

  • Video – .mpg and .mov

Submit your work

Participants can submit up to 3 creative pieces total

Submission deadline: Monday, July 6, 2020