Pre-Forum Institute

Racial Equity Consciousness: A Framework To Foster Antiracist Practices And Culture Across Communities

Dates: Monday, July 26 – Tuesday, July 27 | Times: 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Registration Fee: $149 (Free to University of Pittsburgh faculty, staff, and students)

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Continuing Education

A certificate of completion will be provided to registrants who complete the Institute. The Institute offers 10 continuing education units (CEUs) to registered social workers and counselors. No partial CEUs will be given to registrants who do not complete the Institute.

Pre-Forum Institute Overview

In response to the ongoing, nationwide racial reckoning, organizations across the public and private sectors have messaged concerted efforts to address systemic racial inequity and implement antiracist organization models. Advancing antiracism across an institution necessitates cultivating an organizational culture that embraces active education and engagement to assess and address the level of racial equity and racial inequity present in behaviors, policies, settings, communities, and outcomes.   

Fostering systemic racial equity advancement does not happen without consistent, constructive, and communal deliberation and action. At its foundation, it entails a commitment to developing one’s racial equity consciousness: the dispositions, understanding, awareness, and skills that empower us to contemplate and cultivate racial equity. In other words, racial equity consciousness refers to how much a person values and is motivated towards racial equality, how well they understand the phenomenon of racial inequity, how aware or mindful they are as to whether others around them are receiving fair and equitable treatment, and how capable they are to foster solutions.

Figure 1. Racial equity consciousness consists of four interrelated components: racial equity dispositions, understanding of racial equity, racial equity awareness, and racial equity skills.


Racial equity consciousness is not an ideal level of dispositions, understanding, awareness, or skills that we attain, after which we remain static. Rather, it is dynamic. Developing racial equity consciousness is a lifelong and holistic practice rooted in humility, intentionality, and persistence.

Figure 2. a racial equity consciousness development framework grounded in six bilateral spheres of development that consist of: (a) understanding racial oppression: advancing racial liberation, (b) examining racial identities: addressing racial biases, (c) embracing racial diversity: growing racial consciousness, (d) building racial empathy: enhancing racial stamina (e) acknowledging racial trauma: fostering racial healing, (f) gauging racial inequities: championing racial justice.


The Pre-Forum Institute aims to train participants in facilitating an immersive racial equity cohort series – Developing Racial Equity Consciousness to Foster Antiracist Practice, Cultures, and Communities – that actively positions their community members to further advance antiracism.

This learner-oriented institute takes a multifaceted approach to engaging race and racism—focally, anti-Blackness—and provides participants a referential and constructive framework to analyze the complexity and pervasiveness of racism and reflect on what they can do, individually and collectively, to promote racial equity in their institutions and society. 

Through the institute, participants explore and engage six bilateral spheres of racial equity consciousness development in efforts to expand capacity to seek, consider, and adopt different perspectives; promote personal growth and empowerment; enhance cultural humility, cultural competence, and cultural agency; and ultimately, embody the mindset to foster antiracist practices, cultures, and communities.