2022 Latinx Connect Conference

Latinx Connect: Elevating Latinx Identities and Contemporary Issues. October 27-29.

Conference Overview

The Latinx Connect conference (October 27-29) aims to move us beyond “celebrating” Latinxs, instead calling for empowerment and justice for the Latinx community, which faces numerous disparities in U.S. society, particularly those at the intersections of Latinx identity (e.g., Afro-Latinxs, Indigenous Latinxs, queer and Trans* Latinxs, undocumented Latinxs). 

As the largest pan-ethnic group in the United States, Latinxs are extremely diverse by race, language, immigration, and experiences along the diaspora, which creates opportunity for dialogue. The Latinx Connect conference will provide a space to learn with each other. 

The 3-day conference, free and open to all, will bring together students, educators, community leaders, political advocates, and others to dialogue about Latinx identities, histories, cultures, and contemporary issues. Participants will discuss what it means to be Latinx/a/o/e/Hispanic in relation to intersectional identities, education, immigration, public health, arts & culture, history, and other topical areas. 

The conference will also serve as a culminating experience for Latinx & Hispanic Heritage Month, recognized annually from September 15 - October 15 to acknowledge the history, culture, and contributions of Americans who identify as Hispanic/Latinx. 

Latinx Connect is organized and sponsored by a grassroots transdisciplinary and cross-institutional group of educators and community leaders based in Pittsburgh. 


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Request for Proposals (RFP)

We are now accepting proposals for virtual workshop and panel discussion sessions. Read our RFP to learn more and submit your proposal today! 

Request for Proposals ends September 5, 2022.

Conference Schedule

Conference Schedule to be determined.