Chinese Affinity Group


The Pittsburgh Chinese Affinity Group (CAG), as a non-profit organization, established in March 2016, is one of the first affinity groups established under the Office of Diversity & Inclusion (ODI), University of Pittsburgh.

The CAG is committed to providing a platform to enhance social networking and career development as well as work improvement and balance in life among various faculty and staff with different background at University of Pittsburgh. Meanwhile, the CAG also provide a good platform to help CAG members actively participate in social, intellectual, culture and science research affairs at PITT. Until now, CAG currently has a total of 170 registered members, including 88 staff and 82 faculty.

Specifically, the CAG supplies networking and collaborations, mentoring, and enrichment programs for faculty and staff. Thanks for visiting the website!

History and background

Nov 15 2015, Chancellor Gallagher brought up a challenge to Senate Council to expand dialogues on Diversity and Inclusion in response to turmoil on campuses elsewhere

Feb 16 2016, Mayor Peduto announces 2/6 is the Chinese American Day in Pittsburgh

March 16 2016, Faculty Assembly and Senate Council’s discussions focused on diversity and inclusion on how to develop a University-wide Statement Values to show expectations

March 16 2016, CAG was founded 

Organization and Leadership


The Founding Leadership


Co-chair: Peng TANG, Jieru WANG

Committee members: Weijin SUN, Leizhen WEI, Xia LI


Succession Leadership


Co-chair: Peng TANG, Wen XIE

Committee members:  Xia LI,Guoji WANG, Bing WANG



Co-chair: Bing WANG, Haihui ZHANG

Committee: Xia LI, Guoji WANG,  Hanshuang SHAO, Rebecca BAO, Junyan TAO



Co-chair: Lihong TENG, Haihui ZHANG

Committee: Xia LI, Guoji WANG, Hanshuang SHAO, Rebecca BAO, Junyan TAO, Xiaodong ZHU, Kun QIAN, Qin ZHU


Chinese employees at University of Pittsburgh and UPMC (all faculty, staff, postdoc)

CAG currently has a total of 170 registered members, including 88 staff and 82 faculty.

One of the goals of this applicant is to continue growing the membership of CAG.

Social Media



进入后请将昵称改为: 真实姓名 +  部门(系) ,以方便交流, 比如: 唐澎+ 

All members need to use real name and work department, to make for smooth conversation.

Google Group Mailing List

CAG实行会员制, 请所有会员将您的姓名,所在部门(系),email 地址,是 faculty 还是 staff 信息 发到,之后您会被加到 Google Group 的mailing list里,便于接收群发信息。李霞负责membership。

All the members have to use their real name with department information. New members please send the information to group email address, so you can receive group messages after enrolling into Google Group mailing list. Xia Li is responsible for the membership enrollment and events announcement.


Explore the variety of events that CAG has hosted and join us for upcoming events.