Required Education

Education Initiative Overview  

The University’s Sexual Misconduct Policy (06-05-01) includes a new educational initiative to reinforce our culture of diversity and inclusion. Under that policy, every four years, all University faculty and staff must complete training relating to the prevention of and response to sexual misconduct. 

After carefully considering several methods of launching this initiative, as well as many factors relating to the sizes and needs of the units, the Offices of the Provost, Diversity and Inclusion, and Human Resources recommend that the training requirement be effectuated by Units or Responsibility Centers (collectively “Units”) over a four-year period according to the following schedule:

  • Year 1 (2017-2018): School of Education; School of Social Work; Swanson School of Engineering; Graduate School of Public Health; Office of SVC Health Sciences; School of Dental Medicine; School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences; Student Affairs; Johnstown Campus; Greensburg Campus; Titusville Campus; and Bradford Campus
  • Year 2 (2018-2019): Office of the Chancellor and all reporting units; Office of the Provost; Learning, Research, and Development Center; College of General Studies; Graduate School of Public and International Affairs; Katz Graduate School of Business; Education - University Service Programs; School of Computing and Information; Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences; Research Conduct and Compliance Office
  • Year 3 (2019-2020): Office of SVC for Business & Operations and all reporting units; Honors College; University Library System; UCIS; Center for Social and Urban Research; School of Law; School of Nursing; School of Pharmacy 
  • Year 4 (2020-2021): School of Medicine (all units)

This means that every employee in the Unit scheduled for the indicated year must complete training within that year.  This is the case even if an individual employee completed training recently; this requirement does not replace, but is in addition to, the current requirement that all new hires complete the on-line sexual discrimination training upon hire.  

Each Unit in a compliance year will receive guidance and instructions, a schedule, menu of training options that will include in person and on-line options, quarterly status reports and final report information.  

Required Education FAQ’s 

Q.  I started 15 months ago and took two on-line classes, one about combating discrimination and one about Title IX.  My School is scheduled for compliance this year.  Do my classes from last year count?
A.  No.  Compliance will occur by unit, and not by anniversary date.  Fortunately, there is a broad menu of training options for you to choose from, so you will not need to re-take the modules you already completed. Additionally, this requirement does not replace, but is in addition to, the current requirement that all new hires must complete the on-line sexual discrimination training upon hire”

Q.  How will the University track compliance?
A.   The completion of all programs, both the on-line and in-person modules, will be tracked electronically.  Your supervisor will be provided quarterly reports during your unit’s compliance year.

Q.  What happens if I do not complete the training?
A.  Each Unit leader or Responsibility Head will be provided quarterly reports on compliance during its compliance year.  Failure to comply could have various consequences within the Unit Leader or Responsibility Head’s discretion, including impact on annual evaluations and the salary process.  In addition, individuals who fail to fulfill their training obligation may forfeit the legal and monetary protections monetary protections of the University’s indemnification policy in the event of any legal action alleging sexual misconduct. See Policy 07-06-06, Faculty and Staff Indemnification. 

Q.  Where can I find a listing of the offerings?

Q.   Where can I submit questions, comments or concerns?
A. Start with your department or unit administrator.  If you still have questions, please contact

Q. How can I complete these sessions if I don’t use a computer everyday?
A. There will be numerous opportunities to attend in person sessions.  If that doesn’t work, our office can coordinate with your supervisor to schedule a time for you to take an on-line session.

Q. How did this schedule get decided?
A. The schedule was based on the overall number of faculty and staff in each department or unit.

Q. I’m a volunteer/part-time/other type of non-traditional faculty or staff member.  Do I have to do this too?
A. Yes.  We suggested connecting with your department contact to determine when you can attend a session, or if you need access to an online module.