Diversity Forum - Wednesday, July 28

Below is the schedule of workshops and featured sessions for July 28.  All times are Eastern Standard Time.

Zoom registration and additional access information will be shared in the lead up to the Forum. If you have not already, please complete the registration form.


9 a.m. - Welcome and Featured Session

Bitter Fruit: The Poison of America’s Racism

Dr. Keisha N. Blain will be joined by paenelists for a broad conversation on American racism and how it has shaped the experiences of various groups, including Asian Americans, Black Americans, and the Latinx community.

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10:45 a.m. - Morning workshops

Ableism: Scratching the Surface

Camarie Shepard

Learn more about Ableism

American Interventionism and its Role in Southeast Asian Deportation

Karen Enomoto, Alyssa Khieu, Angela Le, Josh Nguyen

Learn more about American Interventionism

Anti-Racism and Allyship in Academia

Mary C. Parker

Learn more about Anti-Racism and Allyship in Academia

Becoming an UPSTANDER

Dr Rickquel Tripp, Dr. Emilia Diego

Learn more about Becoming an UPSTANDER

Beyond Impact "Cultural Awareness Tool" Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Camica Credle and J. Lamont Harris

Learn more about Beyond Impact "Cultural Awareness Tool"

Building a Stronger, More Just Academic Community Through Mandatory Anti-bias Learning

Bailey Flanigan, Sara McAllister, Catalina Vajiac

Learn more about Building a Stronger, More Just Academic Community

Combatting Oppression in Transracial Adoption

Marianne Novy, Lori Delale-O'Connor, Jerry Dickinson, Christina Newhill

Learn more about Combatting Oppression in Transracial Adoption

Community Engaged Scholarship: Building Just Communities Through Asset-Oriented Research Related to Mental Health, Educational Equity, and Food Ecosystems

Stacie Dow, Program Manager of Student & Faculty Engagement at the University Honors College at the University of Pittsburgh; Jasmin Perrier (’22) Psychology, Social Work, & Spanish; Sydney Kelley (’24) Economics and Political Science; Magdalena Mendez (’24) Nursing; Dylan Delapaz (’24) Finance and Business Information Systems; Caleb Shook (’24) Business Information Systems and Political Science; Amy Blanchard (’23) Engineering; Heather Phillips (’24) Nanotechnology, Physics, and Sustainability Certificate, Aparna Ramani (‘22) Natural Sciences & Sociology, Certificate in Global Health

Learn more about Community Engaged Scholarship

Creating Contexts of Belonging

Omid Fotuhi, Research Associate, Learning Research and Development Center; Kevin R. Binning, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology and Research Scientist, Learning Research and Development Center; Julia Spears, Associate Vice Provost for Academic Innovation, Office of the Provost; April Belback, Director of Undergraduate Advising and Mentoring, Office of the Provost

Learn more about Creating Contexts of Belonging

Disrupting the University-Centered Institutional Review Board: Democratizing Research Monies for Nonprofits and Advancing Equitable Research

Dr. Faith R. Kares, Patrizia Santos

Learn more about Disrupting the University-Centered Institutional Review Board

IDEA Rounds: Curricular Innovation to Ignite a Culture of Social Justice

Andrew McCormick MD, Sylvia Choi MD, Jessica Garrison MD, Grace Slater MD and Ben Miller MD

Learn more about IDEA Rounds

Identifying Raci(al/st)

Dr. Sheena Mason

Learn more about Identifying Raci(al/ist)

Imagining Racially Just Futures: Design methods for long-term visions

Hillary Carey and Rachel Arredondo

Learn more about Imagining Racially Just Futures

Intergroup Dialogue for Social Justice Education

Mario Browne (moderator/panelist), Vincent O. Johnson, Kristen Kanthak, Marnie Bertolet and Chantele Mitchell-Miland

Learn more about Intergroup Dialogue for Social Justice Education

Making Antiracism a Daily Practice

Kirsten Ivey-Colson and Lynn Turner

Learn more about Making Antiracism a Daily Practice

Reimagining Allyship Through Storytelling

Ahmed Ghuman, PsyD, MBA, LPC and Sean Moundas, PsyD

Learn more about Reimagining Allyship Through Storytelling

Supporting Student Development in a Digital Age: Social Media and Student Activism in Black Lives Matter Movement

Ying-Tung (Ivy) Chou

Learn more about Supporting Student Development in a Digital Age

The Dysconsciousness of Citizenship

Malea Lash, Noah Trantel

Learn more about The Dysconsciousness of Citizenship

The Impact of Selective Historical Education on Racial Identity and Cultural Biases Within Adolescents

Kim Le, Gloria Kehinde

Learn more about The Impact of Selective Historical Education

Transgender in America: Terminology, Experiences, and Allyship

Ben Greene

Learn more about Transgender in America

Uproot: Dismantle Systemic Issues/Barriers to Create Inclusive School Environments, Equitable Outcomes, & Community Healing

Dr. MarkenyaL. Williams

Learn more about Uproot

12:15 p.m. - Featured Session

To Be Oneself 

Julie Beaulieu (she/they) Lecturer for the Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies Program, Dr. Jules Gill-Peterson (she/her), Associate Professor of English and the Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies Program, Dr. Darren Whitfield (he/him), Assistant Professor of Social Work and Psychiatry, Miracle Jones (she/her), Director of Policy and Advocacy, 1Hood Media, Ari Rubinson (he/him), Registered nurse and advocate for LGBTQ competent healthcare, Max Reiver (they/he), Recent Pitt alum and former preseident of T is For, Dena Stanley (she, her, hers), CEO and Founder of TransYOUniting

This session will focus on understanding the experience of transgender people within the broader social landscape we share, and how we can shift the cultures of our institutions and communities in ways that stop the erasure of trans lives.

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2:00 p.m. - Afternoon workshops


Heather Tomko

Learn more about #DisabledGirlSummer

A Holistic Approach to Implementing Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

Latonya Latamore

Learn more about A Holistic Approach to Implementing Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

Challenges, Strategies and Changes: Critical Assessment of Professional Graduate Curricula

Joanne Baird, PhD, OTR/L, FAOTA; Ketki D. Raina, PhD, OTR/L, FAOTA

Learn more about Challenges, Strategies and Changes

Community Vaccine Collaborative: A community-academic partnership to promote vaccine equity

Jamil Bey, PhD; Maya Ragavan, MD, MPH, MS; Elizabeth Miller, MD, PhD; Mylynda Massart, MD, Ph; Dr. Shannah Tharp-Giliam, and Ms. Claudia Sanchez 

Learn more about Community Vaccine Collaborative

Dismantling Oppressive Psyches & Related Symptoms

Dr. Amy S Walker

Learn more about Dismantling Oppressive Psyches & Related Symptoms

Dismantling Racial Trauma: Uncovering and healing from internalized systemic oppression

Dareen Basma, Ph.D, LPC; MengchunChiang, Ph.D; Allison Jedinak, Psy.D

Learn more about Dismantling Racial Trauma

Diverse Spend at Pitt: Progress Update

Jennifer Barnes

Learn more about Diverse Spend at Pitt

Empowering Student Leaders: Investing in strengths and social identity

Drew Harris and Esther Rosbrook, Ed.D.

Learn more about Empowering Student Leaders

Fighting Historical Legacies of Racism and Urban Inequality through Data

Susan Lucas and Roberta Mendonça De Carvalho

Learn more about Fighting Historical Legacies

Islamophobia: A Threat to All Americans

Dalia Mogahed, Director of Research at the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding

Learn more about Islamophobia

More Than Just A Diversity Hire: How institutional composition contributes to racial oppression on college campuses

Leah Reynolds, Ed.D; Tanyka M. Barber, J.D

Learn more about More Than Just A Diversity Hire

My Work is Your Work

Ms. Yvette R. Moore and Mr. Isaiah Spencer-Williams

Learn more about My Work is Your Work

Promotores de Saludas: A Vehicle to Dismantle Oppression in the Latinx Community

Dr. Sharon E. Taverno Ross and Dr. Patricia I. Documét

Learn more about Promotores de Saludas

The Activism Growth Model: A guide to growing your activist identity

Dr. Gyasmine George-Williams

Learn more about The Activism Growth Model

The Butterfly Effect and Reflecting on White Supremacy

Julia Le, BhuvithaChagantipati, Ivy Chang,Selam Mekbeb-Gillett, Alexa Pierce, Aditi Sridhar, YitianWang

Learn more about The Butterfly Effect

The Vibrant Index: Measuring What Matters and Promising Practices

Lora McKnight, COO and Vice President, Programs and Services, Vibrant Pittsburgh, Allegra Elson, Director of Training and Development, Vibrant Pittsburgh

Learn more about the Vibrant Index

“You Speak Good English!” The Hidden Messages of Microaggressions

Ahmed Ghuman and Emiola Jay Oriola

Learn more about "You Speak Good English!"

3:30 p.m. - Featured Session

Building a Just Educational System

Dr. Valerie Kinloch, Pitt School of Education Dean, Dr. Charlene Dukes, Interim President, Montgomery College, Dr. Jason Irizzary, Dean of the Neag School and Professor at UCONN and faculty associate in El Instituto: Institute for Latina/a, Caribbean and Latin American Studies, Dr. Tyrone Howard, UCLA

Education is traditionally seen as a means to ‘success.’ This session will explore, and perhaps explode, assumptions about what ‘success’ means and how education — and educational systems — must disrupt injustice and oppression if we are to fully become who we have the potential to be as individuals, as communities, and as a society.

Learn more about Building a Just Educational System and register to attend