Peer Mentor Program

The DRS Peer Mentor Program is designed to match first year students with disabilities (mentees) with upper class students with disabilities (mentors). 

Mentors use their personal experience and knowledge with campus life to provide friendship, guidance, and resources to mentees.  Mentoring is not academic support. The program intends to create connections between new and experienced students, to personalize the University learning experience, and to develop relationships. 

In addition to having an assigned Mentor/Mentee, all students enrolled in the program are expected to participate in some planned social events as well as informative meetings to establish additional relationships as well as gain valuable information. 

If you are interested in becoming a mentor or mentee, DRS will be sending out an email to all students registered with our office in August and it will include an interest survey to complete.

Based on the results, DRS will match mentors and mentees on a rolling basis and send out an introductory email to the matched pair. There will also be a mandatory training for all mentors at the beginning of the fall semester and a kick-off event for everyone will take place (TBD). 

If you have any questions or require assistance to complete the survey, please contact DRS at 412-648-7890 or

Infographic with mentoring in the middle with areas pointing outward to the following areas: training, motivation, advice, success, direction, coaching, support, and goal.