Resources for Respondents

As a respondent in a case where sexual misconduct has been raised, there are resources available to you.  As with all alleged conduct violations, there is no presumption that policy has been violated.

Available resources for respondents include interim measures, which may be available to and appropriate for you.  If you would like an overview of the Title IX process, including interim measures, please contact us at 412-648-7860. 

In addition, for students accused of sexual misconduct, confidential support is available at the University Counseling Center.  Title IX can assist with making a referral, or the student can identify as a respondent when they are walking/calling in to the UCC. This will connect them with a designated counselor with a focus on counseling respondents.

If you are a faculty or staff member, ​LifeSolutions provides a broad range of services to assist you. The services are proved at no cost to you. LifeSolutions services include: Personalized WorkLife Referrals; Online WorkLife Resources; Crisis 24/7 Contact Information; Counseling and Coaching Services; and Disability and Family Medical Leave Outreach.

You may bring an advisor of choice to any meeting with the Title IX office.  For more information on the advisor of choice, as well as the process for a formal investigation, please visit the Sexual Misconduct Procedures or the Student Code of Conduct

If you have been issued a No Contact Order, or Notice of Investigation, we encourage you to not contact the other party, but instead connect with our office to discuss the notification and next steps in the process.

Contact Information

University Counseling Center (Nordenberg Hall)

  • Walk-in appointments are offered daily: Monday – Friday, from 9:00a.m. -12:00p.m. and 1:00p.m. – 4:00p.m.
  • University Counseling Center After-Hours Phone Number: 412-648-7930

Life Solutions: 1-866-647-3432