Anti-Harassment Policy Statement

No University employee, University student, or individual on University property may harass or abuse a person (physically, verbally or electronically) when the conduct is severe or pervasive and objectively and subjectively has the effect of: (1) unreasonably interfering with such person’s work or equal access to education, or (2) creating an intimidating, hostile, or offensive work or academic environment. Consistent with the University Nondiscrimination Policy and Sexual Harassment Policy, harassment on the basis of a legally protected classification, such as racial harassment or sexual harassment, is prohibited. This policy statement will be applied with due respect for the University’s commitment to equality of opportunity, human dignity, diversity, and academic freedom, and, when constitutionally protected speech is implicated, only to the extent consistent with the First Amendment.

For more information, contact the Office for Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion at 412-648-7860 or the Office of Human Resources at 412-624-7000 or refer to the Nondiscrimination Policy (07-01-03) and the Sexual Misconduct Policy (06-05-01).