A Welcome From Our Vice Chancellor

I would like to extend to you a warm welcome to the Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI).  The diversity of the Pitt community is is an essential component of our institutional excellence. Almost every day of the year, the University hosts opportunities for our students, faculty, and staff to meet, experience, dialog and engage with people of various cultures, identities, perspectives, and experiences.  Importantly, this includes opportunities to confront, evaluate, analyze and challenge history, structural inequality, and issues of social justice. 

Diversity in a respectful, inclusive environment promotes critical thinking and increases the ability to communicate, work, and interact in our society. It helps to remedy societal discrimination and bias.  Diversity enhances the educational and employment experience by exposing us, and challenging us to consider, the experiences and perspectives of others. In an increasingly connected yet divided world, these skills are essential.

Despite the diversity that exists at Pitt, there is much more work to do.  ODI was created to help build the University into a world-class model of diversity and inclusion. ODI provides vision, leadership, collaboration, and counsel on matters of diversity and inclusion, and partners with units and campuses to create welcoming and respectful environments that enable everyone to perform to their full potential. 

As a part of your Pitt experience, I invite you to step outside your comfort zone early and often.  Commit to take advantage of all of the opportunities that the University provides to experience diversity and expand your world view.  Please explore this site for events, groups, recruiting and training resources, Title IX programs, and other opportunities.  E-mail us at diversity@pitt.edu. Your involvement and input are critical to our efforts, and we welcome your ideas.  


Pamela W. Connelly

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