Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Existing Affinity Groups at Pitt

Why not join an existing affinity group for faculty and staff here at Pitt!


Chinese Affinity Group (CAG)

Chinese & Chinese American Employee Group at University of Pittsburgh. They provide a platform for social networking and career development, as well as work improvement and balance in life.  They enhance productivity and positivity, and attract and retain talented Chinese & Chinese American employees.  Activities include social gatherings and sports, career and professional development, and Chinese culture preservation & expansion efforts, etc. If interested in joining, please contact the Chair of CAG Peng Tang at 412-624-8075.



Equipoise is the University of Pittsburgh’s affinity group for Black/African-American faculty and staff with the mission to advance the talents and strengths of Black/African-American faculty and staff, with a focus on networking, mentorship/sponsorship, recruitment and retention, and professional advancement. If interested in joining, please contact Lisa Garland at


Hispanic and Latino Professional Association (HLPA) 

HLPA is a professional network for Hispanic Latino Faculty & Staff at Pitt.  Allies and Grad Students are welcome.  Three (3) primary areas of focus of HLPA (1) Provide a forum for understanding issues of concern to the Hispanic Latino academic community (2) Assist the University in recruiting and retaining Hispanic Latino students, faculty and staff (3) Provide networking and professional development opportunities for Hispanic Latino faculty and staff.  If you are interested in joining, please contact Lisa Garland at 412-648-7873.


Pitt Queer Professionals

The mission of the LGBTQIA+ Affinity Group at the University of Pittsburgh is to promote the professional and social development of LGBTQIA+ staff and faculty and advocate for the needs of our community. Our main goals and objectives are (1) To provide support for the recruitment and retention of LGBTQIA+ faculty and staff (2) To continuously assess the campus climate as it pertains to the LGBTQIA+ community (3) To engage in dialogue with upper administration concerning LGBTQIA+ issues (4) To voice the multi-faceted concerns and needs of LGBTQIA+ faculty and staff. If you are interested in joining, please contact Chair Julie Beaulieu at


We want our Affinity Groups to grow!

If you have an idea for a new Affinity Group please contact Lisa Garland at 412-648-7873 or email at  Please click here for a PDF handout of this information or for a copy of our Affinity Groups Flyer click here.